The President Kennedy Assassination
Friday, November 22, 1963

10° - "Coup in Dallas - Texas: The Suspects"

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was the only one President of the United States who was assassinated as a result of a conspiracy which was hatched at the highest level of the civil society and the State.

"File on Suspects beyond a Reasonable Doubt"

 "JFK & the CIA"

"The FBI & John Edgar Hoover"

"The Mafia Men & the Anti-Castro Cubans"

 "The Power of Lobbies"

"LBJ & Co"

"Synthesis & Conclusion"

President Kennedy, and his brother Bobby in whom he had complete faith, were determined to put an end to the prerogatives of some spheres of influence, especially the ones of the CIA which was nothing else than a State in the State.

"If the United States experiences an attempt at a coup to overthrow the Government, it will come from the CIA." (JFK)


"JFK & the CIA"

In order to resume control of the CIA, JFK decided to sack Allen W. Dulles who was the agency director since January 1954, and his assistant, General Charles P. Cabell.

Allen Dulles was the specialist in Black Operations which aimed at destabilizing the embarrassing foreign leaders, and even to kill them by using the Mafia men and the anti-Castro Cubans exiled in the USA. As Allen Dulles wanted to overthrow Fidel Castro by any way, he planned and mounted with Charles Cabell the Bay of Pigs operation to try to invade Cuba. But, without an essential aircraft support which was refused by President Kennedy this landing carried out on April 1961 was a flop, and JFK took this opportunity to sack both men on November, 1961.

In my view, JFK as good strategist let down Allen Dulles and General Charles Cabell at the last moment to derail their operation, and thereby to have a good excuse to fire both of them. Thus, here are two men who had reasons to be angry at JFK, and who openly hated the President.

"Allen Dulles, Gen. Ed Lansdale & Gen. Charles Cabell"

Note: Colonel Leroy Fletcher Prouty was convinced of having identified General Ed Lansdale in civilian clothes in one of the "three tramps" photographs taken in Dealey Plaza shortly after JFK's assassination. General Lansdale was a member of the OSS and the CIA.

 "The FBI & John Edgar Hoover"

The FBI was directed by an eclectic person, John Edgar Hoover. When JFK became President, Hoover was in place for 37 years. His influence was vey important and mainly due to the fact that he had files about most politicians and notorious persons. That is why JFK intended, if he was re-elected in 1964, to retire Hoover which would have satisfied many people.

However, it is said that Hoover was himself under the control of the Outfit of Chicago which claimed to have evidence of his unnatural customs, maybe the reason why Frank Costello said about him that he was a good people, that is to say for the Mafia a person under control. But, under pressure of Robert Kennedy, who had been appointed Attorney General by JFK, Hoover was forced to fight the organized crime more effectively. I shall add that Hoover was an old closed friend of LBJ and often have breakfast with the Johnsons on Sunday mornings as they were neighbors.


What must be especially stated is that Hoover went to Dallas just after JFK's assassination to convince the public opinion that Oswald had acted alone. In support of this will to impose the Lone Gunman Thesis as soon as possible, it has to know this note written the day after Oswald's death, which says a lot about the mind which was prevailing three days after the President's assassination, while the FBI had just begun his investigation.

Monday, November 25, 1963. Deputy Attorney General Katzenbach:

"The public must be satisfied that Oswald was the assassin, that he did not have confederates who are still at large, and that the evidence was such that he would have convicted at a trial."

The fact is that under pressure of John Edgar Hoover, the FBI displayed afterwards indirect complicity by neglecting many ways, hiding proofs, and ignoring voluntarily a lot of testimonies aiming at proving the existence of a conspiracy.

Let us take for example the number of shots. Several witnesses having heard at least four shots (a first one, then two almost simultaneous, and a fourth) as Carolyn Walther, Ruby Henderson, Robert West, Ronald Fisher, Robert Edwards and Lee Ewins, were never called before the Warren Commission.

A Dallas Morning News reporter, Tom Dillard, took two photos of the TSBD about thirty seconds after the shooting. In one of these, a blow-up of the eastern window seems to show the face of a man standing behind the closed side. Thus, regarding the official thesis this could not be Oswald who was supposed to have left the 6th floor at that time. Unfortunately, the negative of this photo was damaged by the FBI exactly where the face of this man is located.

"TSBD 6th Floor Eastern Window"

In this blow up of the photo in question, it does appear that on can see in the yellow circle the face of a man through the window pane. In support of this statement, I shall add that a law clerk who was in a nearby building, asserted that he saw a man at the eastern window of the TSBD 6th floor just few minutes after the shooting, when nobody was supposed to be there. Unfortunately, the negative of this photograph was damaged by the FBI exactly where the man could be seen.

Norman Similas took some photos with the TSBD in the background. In one of these, he noticed the presence of two men equipped with a gun on the TSBD 6th floor. He sent the negative to the Toronto Telegram which never published the photo and claimed afterwards that the negative had been lost.

Thus, the loss of the Harper fragment, the disappearance of JFK's brain and these few examples among so many others which abound in JFK's case, do show this deliberate attempt to hide the truth.

However, I think that the FBI itself was not involved in JFK's assassination, but I am convinced that John Edgar Hoover knew about it.

 "The Mafia Men & the Anti-Castro Cubans"

As Attorney General, Robert Kennedy was also determined to fight the organized crime and the Mafia. One of his main targets was Jimmy Hoffa who laundered the money of the Outfit of Chicago via the IBT pension funds. Hoffa was tempering of attempted bribery and fraud. He was sentenced to 13 years in 1967.

Concerning the Mafia and the Kennedy's, it is known that the family patriarch, Joe Kennedy, made his fortune during Prohibition by importing alcohol unlawfully and was firmly connected with the Outfit of Chicago. In his obsession to electing one of his sons President of the United States, Joe Kennedy did not hesitate to seek help from Sam Giancana who was the boss of the Outfit of Chicago at that time, but very likely without JFK's knowing. In these conditions, it is clear that the Outfit of Chicago also had reasons to be angry at the Kennedys and therefore helped to eliminate JFK, but in my view without taking the decision.

At this juncture of my account, it would be appropriate to talk about the henchmen who were necessarily on Dealey Plaza to coordinate the shooting.

In one of the photos taken by Ike Altgens, researchers think having identified John Rosselli and David Morales equipped with a walkie-talkie. John Rosselli, his real being Filippo Sacco, was precisely a gangster of the Outfit of Chicago who was involved in an assassination attempt on Fidel Castro planned by the CIA. As for David Morales, he also worked for the CIA and participated especially in Black Operations mounted by Allen Dulles and Charles Cabell.

"This Man Would Be David Morales"

Concerning David Morales, I shall add that he would have said to one of his friend: "I was in Dallas when we got the son of a bitch, and I was in Los Angeles when we got the little bastard."

It is also interesting to talk about the anti-Castro Cubans exiled in the USA and notably their leader, Orlando Bush Avilla, who also worked for the CIA.

Marita Lorenz, an ex-agent of the CIA who had to kill Fidel Castro and became his mistress, declared in the New York Daily News that she had driven Orlando Bush Avila from Miami to Dallas two days before JFK's assassination. As for OBA, he always asserted that he was in Miami on November 22, 1963.

Concerning Orlando Bush Avila, I find that the analysis made by Marcel Dehaeseleer from the photo taken by Clint Grant is quite pertinent and convincing. In this photo, one can see Dark Complected Man and Umbrella Man sitting on the lawn of the grassy knoll.

"Dark Complected Man & Umbrella Man"

In another photo, and even if the blow-up of this one is a little bit fuzzy, it is obvious that DCM is using a walkie-talkie while he is still sitting beside UM.

According to Marcel Dehaeseleer, DCM would be Orlando Bush Avila. It is also my view. I let you judge for yourself. In the following montage, DCM and two photos of Orlando Bush Avila.

 "The Power of Lobbies"

In my opinion, the two main reasons which can explain the elimination of JFK are the following ones.

1. JFK wanted to disengage the USA from the South Viet Nam, and therefore he went against the interests of military lobbies.

2. JFK wanted to reduce the tax benefits of the Texan oil tycoons.

First off, I shall quote the testimony of Everette Howard Hunt who was in pay of the CIA. Before dying in 2007, he asserted that the decision makers of JFK's assassination were notably two Texan oil tycoons, Haroldson Hunt and Clint Murchison.

Harolson Hunt:

What can be said is that a certain Jim Braden who was arrested on the 2nd floor of the Dal-Tex Building just after JFK's assassination, arrived to Dallas on November 21, 1963, with a guy named Morgan Brown. After having got a room in the Cabana Motel, both men went to the office of Haroldson Hunt's company. It is also said that Jack Ruby was in the places at the same time. Jim Braden, his real name being Brading, was well known by the FBI and had a lengthy criminal record. I shall add that Jim Braden was also in Los Angeles when Robert Kennedy was assassinated. He was arrested again, but one more time no charge was pending against him. As for Haroldson Hunt, he was one of the richest men of the USA, a fierce opponent of JFK and the main financer of the election campaigns of LBJ.

Clint Murchison:

On the eve of President Kennedy's assassination, Clint Murchison had a party in his house in Dallas. The partner of Clint Murchison, May Newman, and the mistress of LBJ, Madeleine Brown, both asserted that Haroldson Hunt, Richard Nixon and John Edgar Hoover were at this party. Madeleine Brown also asserted that LBJ came later while his cousin, Jay Bert Peck, might have acted as a double for him in Fort Worth. Leaving the party, LBJ would have said to Madeleine Brown: "After tomorrow, those SOBs will never embarrass me again - that's no threat - that's a promise". Therefore, it is not surprising that LBJ started ducking down about 30 seconds before the shooting. The proof is that LBJ is not visible in the Vice Presidential car in the photo taken by Ike Altgens around Z-frame 255.

After the elimination of JFK, LBJ took two important decisions without delay.

1. LBJ blocked the law project of JFK going against the interest of the Texan oil tycoons.

2. LBJ blocked the decision of JFK to require the military corps from the South Viet Nam before Christmas 1963.

One knows what happened afterwards. From May 1964, LBJ involved the USA in an intensive war against the North Viet Nam which was very profitable to the arms dealers, especially as this war lasted ten years. This desire to go to war against the North Viet Nam also suggests that some military leaders were also in favor of JFK's elimination. This possibility could explain that the military corps based in Houston was not called as additional help to strengthen JFK's security.

 "LBJ & Co"

With the objective to protect the reputation of his brother, Robert Kennedy was also determined to get rid of LBJ who was involved in shady affairs and suspect deaths in Texas.

With the support of Henry Marshall who was the Agriculture Secretary of Texas, Robert Kennedy had initiated criminal proceedings against LBJ on the grounds of misappropriation of public funds.

On June 3rd, 1961, Henry Marshall was found dead in his ranch two days before testifying against LBJ. He had been hit by five shots fired with his own rifle. Despite the killing evidence, the County Sheriff pronounced that it was a case of suicide.

From that day, a famous Texas Ranger, Clint Peoples, never had a rest to proof that Henry Marshall had not killed himself, but had been shot because he was going to testify against LBJ. In 1984, following the testimonies of Clint Peoples and Billie Sol Estes who always maintained that he was in charge to put money into the slash funds of LBJ, the Grand Jury of Franklin admitted that Henry Marshall had been assassinated, but without instituting judicial proceedings against the three suspects because they passed away. Those three suspects were LBJ, the right-hand man of LBJ, Cliff Carter, and a certain Malcolm Everett Wallace.

Mac Wallace was a hired Killer who was accused of having assassinated in 1951 the boyfriend of LBJ sister, John Kinser. What is curious is that he was defended by LBJ lawyer and only got a five years suspended sentence.

According to Billie Sol Estes, Mac Wallace, by LBJ order, would have also committed other killings, including the one of Josefa Johnson, LBJ own sister, and participated to JFK's assassination. I shall add that Mac Wallace was declared deceased in a car crash in 1971, but according to some people he was still alive and well in 1980.

As for Clint Peoples, he died in a very suspect car crash in 1992 a week before holding a press conference during which he was determined to say all he knew about JFK's assassination and provide the irrefutable proof of the involvement of Mac Wallace in this plot.

"Synthesis & Conclusion"

The Secret Service knew the possible attempt which threatened JFK. The proof is that on October 9, 1963, an attempt had been foiled in Miami, and on November 17, 1963, the FBI of New Orleans feared another in Dallas of which the mayor was Earle Cabell, the brother of General Charles Cabell who had been sacked as Allen Dulles by JFK.

The assassination of the President needed important financial mean, an efficient logistics, complicities at different levels and a good triangular crossfire area, like Dealey Plaza, provided that it was not secured as it was the case on Friday, November 22, 1963.

Let us therefore make four statements:

1. Dallas was under control of the USA richest men who got money to finance the elimination of JFK.

2. Allen Dulles and Charles Cabell were specialists in the CIA Black Operations.

3. The Mafia men and the anti-Castro Cubans were usual henchmen of the CIA.

4. Finally, for controlling the investigation and influencing the opinion there was the old friend who was a subject expert, John Edgar Hoover.

And four others:

1. LBJ became President without needing to be elected, and blocked the decisions of JFK unfavorable to the interests of lobbies.

2. Allen Dulles was appointed Warren Commissioner by LBJ which was the best way for him to control the Commission and its conclusions.

3. John Edgar Hoover was appointed FBI Life Director by LBJ, and retained control of the situation.

4. As for the financiers of the coup, they had their pawn in the White House to serve their interests.

"Sadness & Satisfaction in Air Force One"

Finally, what about the surprising amnesia of Richard Milhous Nixon and George H.W. Bush who were never able to say where they were and what they were doing on the day President Kennedy was assassinated, while it is certain that both men were in Dallas on Friday, November 22, 1963. The role of these two men and some others could be the topic of a next page to release.