The President Kennedy Assassination
Friday, November 22, 1963

2° - "John Connally Hit at Z-frame 285"

Z-frame 273 - In this frame, Governor Connally turned in his seat, still holds his white Stetson in his right hand, and is looking back over his right shoulder in an attempt to see the President. 

"Obviously, one man is wounded, the other one not"

By maintaining that, I especially feel that my point of view is much more credible than the one of those who persist in claiming that John Connally has already been hit and is in pain at Z-frame 273.

According to the official thesis, the Governor would have at this frame, the right lung perforated, the right 5th rib bone shattered to 5 inches, the right wrist seriously damaged and a bullet in the left thigh.

Furthermore, John Connally always asserted that he had gotten time to turn back around toward the President before having been hit in the back. Despite the lack of sharpness of the Z-film, it is clear to me that Governor Connally is hit in the back at Z-frame 285 because I find that the expression of his face changes at this frame.

I shall add that Mrs. Connally, who is still looking at JFK at Z-frame 285, always maintained that she had stopped looking at the President and never looked at him again just after her husband was hit in the back, which takes place just after Z-frame 285.

A shot hitting John Connally in the back at Z-frame 285 then explains the discrepancy between the exit hole in his shirt and the one in his jacket. As the Governor raised his right arm over the back of his seat by turning toward the President, he also raised the right piece of his jacket. That is why the exit hole in his jacket is shifted downward relative to the one in his shirt, because the point of his jacket from which the bullet exited was pulled up due to the change in body position. I shall even say that this discrepancy does prove that Governor Connally was necessarily hit in the back after having turned back around toward JFK.

"Visualization of the Two Holes Location"

In this photo taken at Love Field on November 22, 1963, the top dot locates the hole in the Governor's shirt, and the lower dot, the hole in his jacket. One clearly sees that the right piece of the jacket must be pulled up to the right to match both holes, which corresponds to the gesture that Governor Connaly made by lifting his right arm over the back of his seat to see the President.

Thus, considering the position of John Connally at Z-frame 285 and the angle of his wound through  his torso which was 10 degrees downward and 20 degrees to the left, the shot hitting him at that point could only come from the top of the US Postal Office Building overlooking Commerce Street in the south side of Dealey Plaza. Furthermore, considering the trajectory of this shot, I think that it was intentional to allow a clear head shot.

Next, while Governor Connally was falling backward over to the arms of his wife screaming out to his dismay, "My God, they are going to kill us all!", I think that another shot having missed JFK from the back pierced his right wrist and entered the front side of his left thigh.

After having been operated on for his wounds, John Connally recalled that he had been hit in the back, but not in the right wrist and the left thigh. This would thus prove that another shot wounded him in the right wrist and the left thigh at the moment that he fell unconscious in the arms of his wife.

Finally, notice that John Connally said "they" which proves that he thought that there was more than one shooter. Or perhaps he was involved in this plot as some people claim it, which would explain that he looks worried and does not smile in most photos. What is certain is that John Connally always had the courage to assert that the shot which had hit JFK in the throat had not hit him in the back.