The President Kennedy Assassination
Friday, November 22, 1963

7° - "Shooters Location in Dealey Plaza"

Thus, in view of all these evidence pieces it is undeniable that there were several shooters, which the FBI and the Warren Commissioners knew very well.

First off, two witnesses saw a man equipped with a gun on the TSBD 6th floor, but not at the same window. Amos Euins saw a gunman at the most eastern window, and Arnold Rowland saw another one at the most western window.

The presence of two shooters behind the picket fence is also likely, especially as Lee Bowers would have seen two gunmen firing at the President from this location.

Finally, it is clear that there were also two shooters in the south side of Dealey Plaza. One responsible for the shot in the Governor's back, and the other one for the fatal shot in the President's head.

Note that such a triangulation was necessary to cover all the angles and explains all the shots.

Let us make the count:

1. The shot in JFK's throat.

2. The one in his back.

3. The one in his head.

4. The shot in John Connally's back.

5. The one in his right wrist and his left thigh.

6. The missed shot having wounded James Tague.

7. And the impact between the two sun visors of the limo.

At the very least, seven shots.

From Z-frame 220 to Z-frame 313 it makes at the rate of 18.3 frames per second a sequence of five seconds. It is thus logical that in a so short lapse of time some shots were almost simultaneous, and thereby difficult to discern.

Depending on the witnesses, the shots were coming either from the TSBD, or from the grassy knoll, or from the Triple Underpass and the railroad area. It is possible that some shooters had a rifle equipped with a silencer. We must also consider that the witnesses having heard at least four shots were ignored by the FBI and never called to testify before the Warren Commission. I shall add that the presence of an extra shooter stationed in the Dal-Tex Building is also quite possible, especially as it could be a good reason for the missed shot having wounded James Tague.

The Dal-Tex Building could also be the starting point of another shot having missed JFK. In a photo taken at Dallas Parkland Hospital, one can note between the two sun visors of the limo a bullet impact in the chrome frame of the windshield.

"Bullet Impact between the Sun Visors"

As for the crack in the limo windshield, it is difficult to say if it is the result of a shot, or the proof of another shot having missed JFK.

"Crack in the Windshield"

Finally, what must be stated is that there was no damage in the limo windshield at Dallas airport.

"Limo at Love Field on November 22, 1963"

Thus, the irrefutable proof of this shot in the frame of the windshield is itself sufficient to invalidate the official thesis. However there are always people to claim that there were only three shots.

Here is my approach of the crossfire on Dealey Plaza to cover at the best all the angles.

"Triangular Crossfire - Shooters Location"

TSBD: two shooters: one at the eastern window, and one at the western window of the 6th floor.

Grassy Knoll: at least one shooter to cover this side of Elm Street.

South Parking Lot: at least one shooter responsible for the fatal head shot.

US Postal Office Building: at least one shooter responsible for the shot in John Connally's back.

Dal-Tex Building: probable presence of one shooter.

What is also edifying is that the security of the President was not operated in Dallas as it should have been, especially in a hostile context and the intelligence reports learning of possible attempts which threatened JFK. Thus, no Service Secret agent stood on the limo rear platforms. What is more, two agents who got ready to take that position as the limo was leaving the Dallas airport were stopped by their superior, Emory Roberts, who gave the order for them to fall back.

Some people claim that President Kennedy himself wanted nobody on the limo rear platforms, which makes no sense because Clinton Hill climbed onto the left rear plarform a few times when the limo was driving too slowly in some Dallas streets.

Furthermore, in view of the physical layout of Dealey Plaza and the obvious danger of this spot, all the places and all the buildings around the plaza should have been secured, especially as some servicemen stationed in Houston could be called as additional help. When one know the American efficiency, it is certain that this situation was not the result of any laxness, and thus is the proof of the complicity of some leaders in charge of the President's security.

Secret Service agent Greer, who looks at JFK a first time from Z-frame 281 to Z-frame 292, then again from Z-frame 304 to Z-frame 317, only accelerated after the fatal shot.

Beginning at Z-frame 270, Service Secret agent Kellerman, who was seated by the side of Greer, knew very well what was happening. Such a lack of reaction from these two Service Secret agents at the same time is simply inconceivable. In fact, if Kellerman had jumped over the limo bar after the first shot having hit JFK and Greer had accelerated, they would have likely saved the life of JFK.

What is also very telling is that Emory Roberts, who stopped two Service Secret agents from climbing onto the limo rear platforms, screamed out on the radio to the Vice President's car "They got him! They got him!" as if it was good news, and notice that he, too, said "They".

Finally, the involvement in JFK's assassination of some DPD officers is also quite certain when one know that "V.I.C.T.O.R.Y" is the Morse code word heard when the Dallas police radio came back on line after having been silent during the shooting.