The President Kennedy Assassination
Friday, November 22, 1963

8° - "A Patsy Named Lee Harvey Oswald"

As for Lee Harvey Oswald, I am deeply convinced that he fired neither at President Kennedy, nor at policeman J.D. Tippit. In this machination, Oswald was just a patsy as he said after his arrest. 

A brief reminder of the main facts:

At 12:30 p.m. the shooting rang out. One of the motorcycle policemen of the presidential motorcade, Marrion Baker, noticed a bunch of pigeons which took flight above the TSBD, and thereby thought that the shots were fired from the top of this building. He immediately parked his motorbike near the TSBD and reached this building at top speed. There, he met the TSBD manager, Roy Trully, with whom he went up to the second floor where he saw a man who had come to buy a Coke from the soda machine.

This man was Lee Harvey Oswald.

One supposes that during the same lapse of time Oswald would have had the surprising ability to fire at JFK, make sure that his third shot was fatal, wipe his rifle, hide it behind a stack of boxes at the other end of the 6th floor, and go downstairs to the 2th floor to buy a Coke.

What is also surprising is that a man who had just fired at the President went to drink a Coke in the lunchroom rather than to leave the TSBD as soon as possible before the doorways were sealed.

Furthermore, Carolyn Arnold, a TSBD worker, saw Oswald on the first floor at 12:25 pm. It is thus quite unconceivable that Oswald was not in position at this time, and this for two good reasons.

1) Oswald would not have taken the risk to miss the motorcade.

2) Oswald would have needed much more time to concentrate on his shot.

This all the more logical that the passage of the presidential motorcade on Dealey Plaza was scheduled at 12:25 pm and it could have been in advance. Under these conditions, it is obvious that Oswald would have had to be on the TSBD 6th floor from noon, as it is obvious that a lone shooter would have fired at JFK when he was directly driving towards the TSBD in Houston Street.

After the shooting, 

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