Oswald's Rifles
See on Chapter 8 my latest conclusions about this matter.
Fatal Shot Origin
See also on Chapter 6 my trajectory correction of the fatal head shot from the south parking lot.


JFK's death live in Dallas 1963, nov 22
15 minutes about it.
Testimony of John Connally
John Connally always dismissed the single bullet theory by asserting until his death that the shot which had wounded JFK in the throat had not hit him. In this interview, he says: “I heard the shot, and I say shot because I immediately thought it was a rifle shot (Z 220). I turned... and I didn't catch him in the corner of my eye (Z 273). So I was in a process of turning to my left, and that’s when I felt the impact of the bullet (Z 285).” The lapse of time between Z-frame 220 and Z-frame 285 is equal to 3.5 seconds in the Z-film and perfectly agrees with the testimony of John Connally.
Shots from the Grassy Knoll
Railroad workers standing on the top of the Triple Underpass heard shots coming from the grassy knoll and saw smoke at the level of the picket fence.
Fatal Head Shot
About thirty closed witnesses stated that the right rear of JFK’s skull had been blown off by a frontal shot, and this not only at Dallas Parkland Hospital but also at Bethesda Naval Hospital.